​​​​​​There are several lessons learned from this story.  Most interpretations focus on sacrificial giving as the main point. But let us also look at other learnings from this story; the character of the widow.  It took courage, commitment and determination for her to be in the company of the wealthy and not be too ashamed or intimated to give the little that she had.  Some people would have decided not to give anything thinking what they had to offer was not good enough so why bother.

In today’s world, we often compare our gifts and talents to our friends, neighbors or celebrities we see on television.  That’s not God’s way.  God looks at the heart of each person.  Never feel like your gift is insignificant and never be afraid or ashamed to share it with the world.   No matter what your gift or talent put your heart into it and God will put the power (DYNA) with your MITE and you will be an explosive force in the world.

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What is a DynaMITE Scholar?

A student with drive and perseverance.  One who uses their wisdom, knowledge and God-given gifts and talents to make an impact in their school and/or community.


The DynaMITE Scholarship Program was established to recognize and encourage purpose driven young adults to use their gifts and talents to create a better world.  The 2017 award will recognize one high school senior from the Atlanta Public School System with a $500 scholarship.

In addition to the DynaMITE Scholar Awardone Parent/Guardian and one Teacher who has made a major impact on the scholarship recipient will receive the DynaMITE Scholar Village Award (a $100 Visa Gift Card) in appreciation for their
encouragement and support.


  • Currently a high school senior attending an Atlanta Public School (APS).
  • ​Planning to attend an accredited, post-secondary institution or technical vocational/trade school within 12 months of graduating high school.


Complete the online scholarship application (one entry per person)

  1. ​Submit essay (written or video).  Click "APPLY" below for essay details
  2. ​Identify one parent/guardian that played a major impact on your life
  3. ​Identify one teacher (high school) that played a major impact on your life

The scholarship recipient will be notified via email, or phone if email not available, by the end of June 2017.  The scholarship will be payable to the school to which the student has been accepted.  The parent/guardian and teacher will also be notified via email, or phone if email not available. 

Dyna = POWER

MITE = Small Contribution

Let me share an actual story with you that is the inspiration for the DynaMITE Scholar Program.  The story is commonly referred to as The Widows Mite and can be found in The Bible: Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4

In the story of the Widow’s Mite, wealthy people donate large sums of money to the temple treasury.  Jesus makes his disciples take note of a woman who gives two mites, a small amount of money, similar to the value of a penny today. He tells his followers that her gift is great because it was all of the money the widow had. He says that her donation was better than the larger donations made by the wealthy people because the wealthy gave a little from their abundant wealth.  The widow gave all she had.